Doing my part to help advance the policies I research and present on the podcast, I presented proponent testimony on 11/13/19 in favor of Ohio HB 11.  That bill provides grant funding to address the upfront costs of starting CenteringPregnacy programs in Ohio.  This will be a good first step in favor of broader implementation of CenteringPregnancy in Ohio.

If you have similar bills coming up in your state, feel free to use this information to advocate for healthier children, reduced racial disparities in preterm birth rates, and less needless medical spending in your state.  Together we can improve our states one issue at a time.

If you’ve never spoken to you legislature before, you can:

— Look up your state legislature’s website for information

— Contact your state representative(s) to learn how to get involved

— OR contact the representatives sponsoring the bill, let them know you would like to speak on behalf of their bill, and  ask them how.  (They will generally welcome the support, and their staffers can walk you through the process)


If you are curious for an example, you can find a written version of my statements here –>

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