Shared Equity Housing  OR  Ranked Choice Voting

We are busily working on our upcoming, December episode.  Right now we are looking into: 

Home Ownership Policy – specifically, at Shared Equity Housing models and their power to provide affordable home ownership and, in some cases, to expand wealth building options for lower income citizens.  These styles of home ownership split the ownership between two parties (often a government or bank on one side, and the home owner on the other) with both having a stake in the gains (if home values rise) or losses (if values fall).  This enables people to access more expensive properties with less resources and keep the payments affordable.  An interesting prospect.

Voting Policy – specifically, at Ranked Choice Voting, which encourages multiple candidates to run in elections and reduces the barriers for voters to vote their preference or conscience as no vote is “wasted.”  Through this process, if nobody is the outright winner in a race, the lowest scoring candidate (by vote total) is eliminated and those votes are reassigned to those voters’ second choice candidates.  This process continues until a candidate has an outright majority.  This policy also has the effect of encouraging minority and less well-known candidates to enter elections, since a persuasive campaign can win an election without the risk of undermining either party’s candidate if the lesser know candidate doesn’t win.  Meaningful choices for a more open and engaging political process.

If either of these topic particularly catches your imagination and leaves you wanting to know more, feel free to let us know.  See you in December.


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