Episode 2 - Centering Pregnancy - Group Prenatal Care

Reduce preterm birthrates & related racial disparities, improves our children’s health, saves money, and capture bipartisan support with Centering Pregnancy, a research-supported model of group prenatal care.  Addressing the impact, state implementation strategies, and research supporting centering.  Featuring interviews with NJ State Senator Thomas Kean Jr., Angie Truesdale – CEO of the Centering Healthcare Institute, and Family Medicine Doctor Valerie Good.

Episode 1 - Clean Slate - Automatic Criminal Record Sealing

Interested in learning how you can help up to 1 in 3 people in your state, decrease unemployment, support business, strengthen families and improve economic growth?  Did we mention it has bi-partisan support?  A detailed summary of existing US clean slate laws and the supporting research.  Featuring interviews with Nila Bala of the R Street Institute, OH State Representative Jeffrey Crossman, and Orli Siegel with Community Legal Services of Philadelphia.

Teaser Ep. 3 - Shared Equity Housing - Affordable Housing/Home Ownership Policy

Shared Equity Housing creates affordable housing empowering people often priced out of home ownership to purchase a home and build equity. It has some wealth building features of home ownership with significantly reduced cost, which makes homes affordable. Further, it can potentially create and grow affordable housing perpetually. Tune in for the full impact, targeted interviews, research, and info about the state of shared equity housing today – see if this policy may be right for your state.

Teaser Ep. 2 - Centering Pregnancy - Prenatal Health Care Policy

Centering Pregnancy, a studied version of group prenatal care, reduces preterm birthrates, the racial disparity therein, and leads to better health outcomes for infants while also saving money.  Tune in for the full impact, targeted interviews, research, and info about current implementation so you can see if this policy might be right for your state.

Teaser Ep. 1 - Clean Slate Policies

Tired of news about what’s not working?  Tune in to hear what new policies are.  Each episode explains, in-depth the impact, implementation, supporting research, and political leaning of specific, lesser-known state policies.  Hear interviews with legislators, think tanks, and organizations dealing with the underlying, on-the-ground issues.  If you are a legislator, staffer, advocate, or a policy enthusiast, we have something for you.  Subscribe now.