We have just released our second episode focusing on prenatal healthcare policy via Centering Pregnancy.  If you are interested in learning more about policy that you can pass in your state that improves the lives of women, children, and families while simultaneously reducing racial disparities and saving money, then check out our new episode.

Featuring interviews with with NJ State Senator Thomas Kean Jr., Angie Truesdale – CEO of the Centering Healthcare Institute, and Family Medicine Doctor Valerie Good.

Transcripts will be posted shortly *after they are processed.*

Special Thanks to Sarah Kliff, Byrd Pinkerton, and the Vox media network who originally brought this issue to our attention through their podcast, The Impact.  Specifically, the episode entitled “Sit in a circle. Talk to other pregnant women. Save your baby’s life?”

We have now have working transcripts thanks to the power of AI generated transcripts!  This means that people with limited hearing can now read our episodes online, and there is quick information available for people looking to check a specific point or make a specific argument.

The downside to AI generated transcripts is that the transcription is not 100% accurate.  We do a quick scan to correct the most obvious errors, but there are undoubtedly additional errors that escape our attention.  However, given our limited resources, we have found that accepting this error rate is the best choice between providing the access and being good stewards of our resources.  Enjoy.